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We offer quality services and specialized personnel

Our company provides spaces for providing services at the highest
standards, using tools and materials of last generation that ensure the motto …

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Railway: access next to the warehouses`Car access: through Laboratorului street towards Bulevardul Republicii, Brasov and the ring road`Car access: through Poligonului street towards Targoviste and the ring road

The projected Highway Bucharest-Brasov is a big advantage for this location in the near future.

Utilities :

The company has all the necessary utilities to function: electrical energy, thermal energy, water, sewage, installations for producing the necessary temperature for both frozen and refrigerated products.

Incaf Logistics Services SRL has contracts with companies specialized in:

garbage pickup`recyclables pickup`disinfestation, pest control and disinfection operations`guarding of the company


The property includes ample parking accommodation, consisting on a platform that surrounds the warehouses.